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Paying for new Brownsville airport terminal

BROWNSVILLE, RGV - A Brownsville airport project that's been in the works for more than a decade is as close as ever to construction.

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Bi-National 10K & 5K Run

BROWNSVILLE, RGV - This month two border cities are partnering up for a good cause and I have the pleasure of welcoming Mayor Tony Martinez with the City of Brownsville who joins us today.

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BCIC accepting grant applications in hopes of turning Brownsville into destination city

BROWNSVILLE, Texas - The Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation has opened its doors to accept applications for capital, community and promotional event projects to turn Brownsville into destination city.

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Officials to discuss sustainability of million-dollar sports park

BROWNSVILLE, Texas - The Brownsville City Commission and the Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation will hold a joint meeting Tuesday to discuss the future of the Brownsville Sports Park.

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City restores historical landmarks in downtown Brownsville

BROWNSVILLE, Texas - For decades, Market Square has been a historical landmark in downtown Brownsville. Last year, construction began to restore and renovate the site's dome and tower.

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Brownsville Sports Park to get $550,000 face-lift

BROWNSVILLE, Texas - The Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation approved the project last week, nearly a month after the corporation announced plans to expand sports tourism in Brownsville. The first phase involves replacing the sports turf on the field.

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BCIC aims to improve tourism relationship with Mexico

BROWNSVILLE, Texas - The "Discover Brownsville" campaign is what initially peaked the interest of tourism representatives from five Mexican cities…

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